Festival Madness

July 18th. 2014 A-Feldkirch Poolbar Festival
July 19th. 2014 A-Inzersdorf Rock im Dorf
July 25th. 2014 GER-Megesheim Der Krater Bebt!
July 26th. 2014 GER-Chieming Seewärts Festival
August 09th. 2014 A-Bad Fischau  Klangbad Festival
August 30th. 2014 CH-Appenzell Clanx Festival
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Let’s go to the movies

Header_Das finstere Tal

From today Feb. 13th on Austrian movie “Das Finstere Tal” will be shown in a cinema nearby. We already had the pleasure to see it and it’s amazing. We’re proud as our song “How Dare You!” is part of the movie’s soundtrack. Enjoy!
much love!

It’s recording time

Some of you may have wondered why we have been so quite the
past few weeks. See there’s a good reason: we have a bunch of new songs
we’re currently recording and we’re hoping that these recordings will
end up to be our new album.

In the meantime we have two shows in Switzerland coming up:
Fri. 31st of January CH-Chur Selig
Sat 1st of February CH-Baden One Of A Million-Festival

who’s coming by?